Özlem N. Yılmaz

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Özlem (Narin) Yılmaz

She was born in 1978. She graduated from the Department of Biology Teaching in Dicle University. She started writing when she was a student in the university. Her first short story collection, Lost Forest of Loneliness was published in September 2006, her second short story collection Girlbug in February 2008 by Everest publishing house and her third short story collection Snowangel by Cangençlik Publishing in September 2010 Her short stories and essays were published in the journals Mahsus Mahal, Kitaplık, Notos Öykü, Hece Öykü, Eşik Cini, Lacivert and in the literature supplement of Radikal newspaper. She is married to Aytekin Yımaz. She Works as a teacher in İstanbul.

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