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İhsan Kudret (b. 1917) İhsan Kudret, the only daughter of Ahmet Nisari of Müftüzade Family of Kayseri and Tevhide Hanım of Hatukay extent of Pınarbaşı Circassians, was born in Kayseri on July 10, 1917. Because her mother was forced to marry when she was 13, she didn‟t give birth until 17 years after, and named her daughter “İhsan”, a boy‟s name. She was betrothed in the cradle with her cousin, but after civil law changed making illegal to marry under 18, Kudret‟s uncle changed her birthday as 24th March, 1916. Her family disregarded the betrothal as Kudret grew up with her cousin.

Kudret spent her childhood in cities her father worked such as Kayseri and Niğde. She studied one year in Kayseri Ahmet Paşa Elementary School. They had to leave this city for her uncle used her father‟s distillery to produce and sell illegal beverages, and caused it to shut down. Her father was contracted to build Mersin-Ulukışla railway. Kudret studied three years in Mersin Çankaya Elementary School. The family lost all their wealth when the German Company disappeared without paying for their railway contract. The family moved to İstanbul to sue the company. Kudret studied in Bostancı while she was a fifth grader. Her father did not want her to continue studying, but her mother enrolled her in Erenköy High School.

İhsan Kudret studied one year in İstanbul Erenköy High school and two years in Nişantaşı Girls Middle School. Her father got dysentery and died when Kudret was 15. While studying in İstanbul Girls High School, she got under the influence of the family of Tevfik Talat Bey, a property inspector. A Circassian, Tevfik Talat Bey is a relative of Kudret‟s mother. His wife has three sisters and a brother. The brother is Ali Kemal Paşa, the last gendarme commander of the Ottoman Government. İhsan Kudret mentions this family in her memoir.

A year later, Kudret continued studying in Ankara staying with her relatives, with whom she was not comfortable. The lawsuit came to an end with 30.000 lira compensation for the family to get paid; but a company lawyer made it look like the money has already been paid to the partner of Kudret‟s father. This scam heavily damaged the family.

Kudret and her mother started living with her cousin. She studied at Kayseri High School, Department of Literature. She met her future husband Cevdet Kudret Solok, who was a literature teacher at this school. In her memoir, she writes about her husband: “Our teacher, a poet, regarded „unique‟ among students is a well-dressed, small, kind of handsome man from İstanbul in his thirties.”

Having married Cevdet Kudret on December 23, 1937 after graduating from High School, Kudret moved to Ankara for her husband got appointed to the conservatory in 1938. She had a daughter named Ayşe in 1940. She graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Language, History and Geography, Department of English Language and Literature. She worked at the Central Bank, gas and electricity factory and the General Directorate of Highways. She lived in Bodrum between 1974 and 1986 after having retired. She moved to İstanbul in 1986, where she still lives.

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