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ŞÜKÛFE NİHAL BAŞAR Born in İstanbul in 1896. Daughter of Miralay Ahmet Bey. Started her education with private lessons. She graduated from the Geography department in the Literature Faculty in İstanbul Darülfünun. She worked as a geography and literature teacher in İstanbul High School for Girls for a long time.
She passed away in İstanbul in 1973. Her first book is a poetry collection published in 1919 and called "Yıldızlar ve Gölgeler". In addition to her poetry collections “Hazan Rüzgarları”, “Gayya”, “Su”, “Şile Yolları”, she also wrote novels “Renksiz İztırap”, “Çöl Güneşi”, “Yakut Kayalar”, “Yalnız Düşünüyorum”.
She collected her short stories in “Tevekkülün Cezası”. She wrote her memories from her travel to Finland in "Finlandiya". In her earlier work, she wrote her poems with the influence of Tevfik Fikret in aruz meter. However, in time, with the influence of national literature movement, she started writing her verses in syllabic meter. Just like all the poets of her time, she was stuck between literary movements Edebiyat-ı Cedide, Fecri Ati and national literature movement. In her poems, which were mostly in syllabic meter and published in magazines such as Güneş, Varlık, Aydabir, Çınaraltı, Şadırvan, a lyric and womanly quality can be noted. She was a part of national awakening movement and made an inspiring speech in Fatih rally. She is one of the founders of Türk Kadınlar Birliği.

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