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Adalet Cimcoz

She was born on 25 July 1910, as the daughter of Colonel Tayfur Bey and Aliye Hanım, who is of German origin. Dubbing artist Ferdi Tayfur is her brother. She completed her junior school education in Germany. She worked at a German Railway Company, in Afyon İnhisarı and the Turkish Grains Board. She married lawyer Mehmet Ali Cimcoz. In December 1950, she founded the Maya Art Gallery. This gallery, of which she served as the manager until its closure in 1955, had a major role in the development of contemporary arts. Cimcoz is the first woman gallery manager of Turkey. She exhibited works from a variety of artistic genres from caricature to sculpture, mosaic, ceramic, and photography at Maya Art Gallery. She also put together the first interdisciplinary art events of Turkey. She was also involved in dubbing alongside her brother and did the voice-overs of famous actresses such as Filiz Akın, Belgin Doruk, Fatma Girik and Türkân Şoray in cinema for years.

Azra Erhat, in her piece published in 1970 in Yeni Ufuklar, evaluated Cimcoz's dubbing skills as follows:

"Adalet Cimcoz had a multi-directional voice. She did voice-overs for Türkân Şoray, Hülya Koçyiğit, and Belgin Doruk. When she talked about soap, toothpaste or dresses and outfits on the radio, she would say "something" to us. We would prick up our ears, on the one hand her voice would caress our tastes, on the other hand her words would tingle through the curves of our brain as word and essence, it would hit here and there like a fine gong, a movement and a liveliness would awaken in our minds."

Her poems, short stories, book reviews and translations were published in journals such as Varlık, Yeditepe, Yeni Ufuklar between the years 1950-1970. Her gossip pieces she penned under the name, Fitne-Fücur appeared in Aydede, Salon, 20. Asır, Hafta, Tef and Cumhuriyet. She translated the works of modern writers. She received the 1962 Turkish Language Association's Translation Award with Milena’ya Mektuplar. She is the founder of the Friends of Art Union.

Cimcoz passed away on 13 March 1970. In 2000, Mine Söğüt wrote her biography, titled Adalet Cimcoz: Bir Yaşam Öyküsü Denemesi.



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