Adile Ayda

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Adile Ayda

Born in Kazan in 1912, she is the daughter of lawyer Sadri Maksudi Arsal. Having completed her high school education at Ankara University DTCF Department of French Language and Literature, she became a member of the same faculty. Having been appointed as an associate professor to Istanbul University, she then left her academic post and completing the exam of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1931 with Fatin Rüştü Zorlu, she became the first female diplomat. She is elected as a senator in 1976 by President Fahri Korutürk. She is the founding member of the Turkish branch of the World Women's Council. She published her literary criticism and her memoirs in journals and newspapers such as Cumhuriyet, Tercüman, Hisar. She passed away in 1992.


  • Atsız’dan Adile Ayda’ya Mektuplar (derleme) (1988)
  • Bir Demet Edebiyat (1998)
  • Etrüskler Türk mü idiler? (1974)
  • Sadri Maksudi Arsal (1991)
  • Türklerin İlk Ataları (1987)
  • Yahya Kemal’in Fikir ve Şiir Dünyası (1979)

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