Adile Sultan

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Adile Sultan

Adile Sultan, who is the daughter of Mahmud II, is a woman poet of the 19th century. She has a collection containing all her poems. Due to her father's early death, she was brought up by her elder brother Sultan Abdülmecit. She acquired a strong linguistic and literary culture. The poet, who was a member of the Naqshbandi sect, was married to Mehmet Ali Pasha at the age of twenty. Despite her husband’s lecherous behaviours, she remained attached to him all her life. Sultan Adile indicates that being deeply attached to the palace, state, religion and the laws of the era is a virtue.

She is deemed a somewhat lesser poet when compared to her contemporaries Leylâ and Fıtnat Hanım. She wrote poems both in syllabic meter and prosody. Her tomb is by the Bostan Pier in Eyüp, Istanbul. She left behind numerous charitable works in Istanbul. Moreover, her father got many works done in her name. He helped her Muhibbî (Suleiman I - aka the Magnificent) Divan to be published. She is the only woman poet, who is a member of the Ottoman Dynasty and with a "divan."


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