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Aslı E. Perker

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Aslı E. Perker (b. 1975)

She was born in 1975 in İzmir. She completed her primary, middle and high school education in different cities due to her father’s occupation. She graduated from the Department of American Culture and Literature at Dokuz Eylül University. She worked as a copywriter in an advertising company. She worked as a journalist for the Aktüel magazine and newspapers, Radikal, Yeni Binyıl and Sabah. She moved to New York in 2001 and worked as a translator. Her first novel, The Smell of Others was published in 2005. It is a novel which consists of eight stories. Where the story of Zeynep, the protagonist of the first story ends, the story of Süreyya, the protagonist of the second story begins. The first two stories are followed by the story of Melis and it is followed by the story of Fecir, which takes place in the Ottoman period. In the following four stories, the male characters in the lives of these women tell their sides of the stories.

Perker’s second novel, The Cemetery of Executioners was published in 2009. It is a thriller that focuses on the notion of crime and criminal through the psychological analysis of the graveyard watchman İsa, hitman Hamit, who brings the bodies of the people whom he killed to İsa, his nephew Lütfü and the mathematics student Fuat, who meets Lütfü at the university that Lütfü visits to sell drugs.

Her third novel, Soufflé was published in 2011. It takes place in Paris, İstanbul and New York. Lilia, Marc and Ferda are three people who have their ups and downs and who find the way to deal with their disappointments through a recipe of soufflé. The novel tells the story of three disappointed people and it portrays how kitchen has become a mechanism of healing in modern times.

Aslı Perker still writes in various journals and newspapers.


  • Başkalarının Kokusu (2005)
  • Cellat Mezarlığı (2009)
  • Sufle (2011)

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