Ayşe Bayramoğlu

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Ayşe Bayramoğlu

Ayşe Bayramoğlu (1980 -    )
Ayşe Bayramoğlu (1980 - )

Ayşe Bayramoğlu was born in 1980, in Istanbul. In 2002, she graduated from the Department of Business Administration at Sakarya University. Between the years 2003 and 2007, she attended various workshops and courses on theatre. In 2007, she enrolled at an MA programme on Film and Drama at Kadir Has University. The same year, she began working as a directorial assistant at Tiyatrotem. In 2009, she joined a production company as a screenwriter, whilst, at the same time, she wrote for various television programmes on a freelance basis.

In 2010, she completed her MA degree with her play, "Beyaz Yalanlar." The same year, she wrote "Hakiki Gala," which was staged by Tiyatrotem. She received the 2010 “Best Playwright” Award at Tiyatro… Tiyatro… Journal’s Theatre Awards with this play. In 2011, her play "Beraber ve Solo Şarkılar" was put on stage by, again, Tiyatrotem, and her "Düğün," which was directed by Tilbe Saran, was produced by AYSA Production. She was nominated for “Best Playwright” Awards with these two plays. Additionally, in 2012 she was the “external eye” on the production of Bilsak Theatre Workshop’s Ford Mach 1 Bağdat Caddesi’nde, which was produced by Nihal G. Koldaş, as an adaptation of Sevim Burak’s Ford Mach 1.


  • Hakiki Gala (2010)
  • Beyaz Yalanlar (2010)
  • Beraber ve Solo Şarkılar (2011)
  • Düğün (2011)

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