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Başak Sayan

Born in 1977 in Ankara, Basak Sayan is the first child of soldier Sozer Sayan and German teacher Latife Sayan. Twelve years after her three year junior brother Ozan, her twin siblings Anil and Cagri were born. She completed her primary, middle and high school education in Ankara. She started writing her first essays when she came to Istanbul for university. After having graduated from Economy department, she started working as an actor. She has been working in Tv series and feature films as well as writing.

Her first book Aşk ve Baştan Çıkarmak Üzerine was published in 2010. Focusing on love and seduction which has stayed the same through changing civilizations in this book, she comments on the psychology behind these terms. In her 2011 second book Baglanma Korkusu, she writes about love, loyalty, and betrayal by portraying her characters's, Cem, who works in advertising and balerina Bahar's love, and discussing the commitment issues men by encouraging the reader to face these issues.

Aşk ve Baştan Çıkarma Üzerine 2010, Goa Basım Yayın
Bağlanma Korkusu 2011, Artemis Yayınları

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