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Beki L. (Luiza) Bahar (Morhaim) Born in İstanbul in 1927. She started primary school in Beyoğlu Jewish School. In 1937 her family moved to Ankara. She continued her education in TED Ankara College. She attended Faculty of Law for a while. In 1948 she married. She had three children, two daughters and a son. Her first article is published in 1958 in Haftanın Sesi. Her first poem appeared in Varlık Poetry Anthology in 1959, and her first short story is published in 1964 in Çağdaş Dergisi. Her first play “Alabora” is staged in 1970 by the State Theater.She published articles, research papers, travel notes and poems in various journals. In 1980 the Bahar family moved to İstanbul.

She published in some local journals and newspapers such as Şalom, Eflatun, Tiryaki, Konya Çağrı and Göztepe, and Gelişim which is published in Israel, in Turkish. Some of these writings are collected in the book Ne Kendi Tanır Ne de Söz Edeni Vardır in 2000 and published by Gözlem Yayınevi. The book is comprised of memories, travel notes, research in history, reviews of plays and books in addition to some poetry translations conducted by the author from English and French.

In 1992, her poem “Ezan, Çan, Hazan” celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Sephardic exile is read in a ceremony at the center of Ortaköy by the municipal governor of the time and hung at the center on a signboard. Beki L. Bahar passed away in 2011.

Yakamozlar (Poetry, 1963)
Kişi Bunalımı+Dişi Bunalımı (Poetry, 1970)
Ölümsüz Kullar (Pudu Hepa) (Play, Memleket Yayınları, 1973)
Doğada Düğün (Poetry, 1989)
Donna Grasya Nasi, İsis Yayınları, (Play, 1993) (1995 Yunus Emre Başarı Ödülü. Fransızca çevirisi İsis Yayınları, 2001)
Ordan Burdan Altmış Yılın Adından (Memoir, Gözlem Basın Yayınevi, 1995)
Ne Kendi Tanır Ne de Söz Edeni Vardır (Collection, Gözlem Basın Yayınevi, 2000) Koronas (Judea-Spanish) (Poetry, 2002)
Efsaneden Tarihe: Ankara Yahudileri (Research, Pan Yayınları, 2003)
Bir Zamanlar Çıfıt Çarşısı (Research, Pan Yayınları 2010)

Sevilay Saral “Beki L. Bahar kimdir?” Mimesis Tiyatro/Çeviri-Araştırma Dergisi 13 (Ekim 2007)

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