Berrin Karakaş

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Berrin Karakaş

She was born in 1975 in Konya. Since her father was working for the government as a clerk, she spent her childhood in several cities of Anatolia. Her family moved to Istanbul in 1982 and after graduating from School of Business Administration in Istanbul University, she worked on several projects and went to London.

Her first book was published in 2004. Consisting of twelve stories that can be defined as contemporary fairy tales and eastern tales, it was published before while she was in university and has a cyclic structure. After this first book called Sidre in Sidre-TülMünteha triology, her second book was published in 2005. Her first novel Hayalhane was published in 2007. Berrin Karakas has been working as a journalist for a long time and her latest book is called Üç Noktalar Sarayı.

Sidre 2004, Okuyan Us Yayınları
Tül 2005, Okuyan Us Yayınları
Hayalhane 2007, Merkez Kitaplar
Üç Noktalar Sarayı 2010, Turkuaz kitap


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