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CAN GOKNIL (1945, Ankara) After graduating from Robert College, she graduated from the Department of Arts, Knox University in the State of Illinois, USA in 1968. She obtained her MA in the Department of Arts, The City College of New York. Her works have been exhibited in Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Museo d’Arte Moderna in San Marino, Chihiro Art Museum in Tokyo, Schenectady Museum and Turkish House in New York, Gabravo Museum House of Humour and Satire in Bulgaria and various exhibitions in Turkey. Since 1971, she has had personal exhibitions in Massachusetts Institute of Technology, New York First National City Bank, New York Lynn Kottler and Total Media galleries abroad and Melda Kaptana, Baraz, Urart, Kile, Artisan, Garanti Sanat, PG Art, Selvin, Yapı Kresi Kazım Taskent, Milli Reasurens and Apel art galleries in Turkey in addition to exhibiting her works in various group exhibitions. She received awards both in the field of arts and children’s literature. In 1999, she claimed the golden Aesop prize in Gabrovo Biennale. Following the award, her works were exhibited in Gabravo Museum House of Humour and Satire. In 2007, she received the jury special award in Master Cup in Bejing. Her collection entitled The Fellowship of Eye and Word was exhibited in Chihiro Museum, Tokyo in 2003, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington D.C. in 2004. Presenting book as an object of art, her collection was admitted to Victoria and Albert Museum in 2005. She attended to Gallery Apel (2007) and Frankfurt Book Fair (2008) with her design entitled “reading room”. Following the demands, this exhibition was opened in Siena and Hamburg. The artist who lives in Istanbul has published many children’s books nationally and internationally. She collected her essays on art in a book entitled Is My Shadow Coloured? (2007, Can Publishing House, Istanbul).

Goknil who is interested in the connection of literature and arts attended to many fairs and international committees. She claimed the Jenny Smelik Prize, an award for authors of children’s or youth literature, in 1988 for her drawings in Worm’s Animal Riddles, “for bringing an understanding to children from different cultures”. In 1989 she claimed The Golden Baloon Award by World’s Children Foundation, Washington DC, “for her contributions to children in the field of art”. She received the award in a ceremony at U.N General Assembly in New York. In 1990, she claimed the Preschool Literature Award by the Children’s Foundation in Istanbul. In 1992 she received Diploma by Golden Pen of Belgrade for her drawings in ABC with Riddles. In 2010 Turkish section of IBBY chose her as a candidate for the International Hans Christian Andersen Prize due to her original and unique quality that provides lasting impression for children who enjoy her picture books. Can Göknil, who presently resides and works in Istanbul, received the Second Master Cup International Illustration Biennial, in Beijing in 2011. The following websites might be useful to attain further information about her:


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