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Canan Tan Born in Ankara, Canan Tan graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy at Ankara University. She came first at the poetry competition of Hisar journal, when she was at high school. She also came first with her work ‘Oğlum’ at the screenwriting competition of Hürriyet Hürriyet journal in 1979. Having got married, she lived in Diyarbakır for a while, after which she settled down in İzmir.

Her first book İster Mor İster Mavi came out in 1996. This book, in which polite swindlers and feminists from the suburbs were depicted humorously, gained her the title of the first woman writer in Turkey who has a collection of humour stories. She won the honourable mention at the competition of Children’s Tales held by BU Publisher in 1997. In the same year, she won the first place award with her work titled Sol Ayağımın Başparmağı at the Rıfat Ilgaz Humorous Short Story competition and with Sokaklardan Bir Ali, she won Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Children’s Novel Prize. In 1988, she received honourable mention at the National Nasrettin Hodja Humorous Short Story competition. She began to write stories for children in addition to her humorous stories in later years. She won the prize of ‘The 75th Year of the Republic, Children’s Stories’ given by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and came first at the Orhon Murat Arıburnu competition in feature film screenwriting in 1999.

Her first story collection was published in 2002. In this book, Çikolata Kaplı Hüzünler, she tells the stories of women, some of whom are under the pressures of social morality and some are fiercely competing with men, are told. Piraye, the first novel of the writer, came out one year after her story collection. It portrays the lives of two young women and their father who is a big fan of literature and who has named his daughters after Hatice Piraye, Nazım Hikmet’s wife. This novel depicts and interrogates the life of a young woman and the transformation of her life through the marital bond. The author penned columns in Yeni Asır and Milliyet for a while. She wrote the ‘Çuvaldız’ section of Mimoza journal and ‘Kazete Mazete’ section of Kazete, which is a newspaper for women.

1-İz, Altın Kitaplar (2011)
2-Aşkın Sanal Halleri, Altın Kitaplar (2010)
3-En Son Yürekler Ölür, Altın Kitaplar (2010)
4-Sevgi Dolu Bir Yürek, Altın Kitaplar(2009)
5-Eroinle Dans Alev, Altın Kitaplar (2009)
6-Piraye, Altın Kitaplar (2009)
7-Aliş Sünnet Oluyor, Maviş de Gelin, Altın Kitaplar (2008)
8-Aliş İle Maviş Hayvanat Bahçesinde, Altın Kitaplar (2008)
9-Aliş Okula Başlıyor, Altın Kitaplar (2008)
10-Alişe Kardeş Geliyor, Altın Kitaplar (2008)
11-Aliş Anaokulunda, Altın Kitaplar (2008)
12-Yolum Düştü Amerika’ya, TUDEM (2008)
13-Sol Ayağımın Başparmağı, Altın Kitaplar (2008)
14-Söylenmemiş Şarkılar, Altın Kitaplar (2008)
15-Ah Şu Uzaylılar, BU Yayınları (2007)
16-Beşiktaşım Sen Çok Yaşa, BU Yayınları (2007)
17-Fanatik Galatasaraylı, BU Yayınları (2007)
18-Arkadaşım Pasta Panda, BU Yayınları (2007)
19-Sokakların Prensesi Şima, BU Yayınları (2007)
20-Oğlum Nasıl Fenerbahçeli Oldu, BU Yayınları (2007)
21-Yüreğim Seni Çok Sevdi, Altın Kitaplar (2007)
22-Sevgi Yolu, BU Yayınları (2007)
23-Beyaz Evin Gizemi, BU Yayınları (2007)
24-Sokaklardan Bir Ali, BU Yayınları (2006)
25-Türkiye Benimle Gurur Duyuyor, Altın Kitaplar (2004)
26-İster Mor İster Mavi, Altın Kitaplar (2003)
27-Çikolata Kaplı Hüzünler, Altın Kitaplar (2002)

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