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DIDEM USLU Her full name is Ayse Didem Uslu. She was born on 19 June 1954 as the daughter of Huriye Gonul Hanim and M. Sabih Battalgazi, in Ankara. After starting her education in San Fransisco, USA, she graduated from TED Ankara College. In 1976, she graduated from the Department of English Language and Culture, Hacettepe University. She embarked on a PhD in the Faulty of Language, History and Geography, Ankara University and in the University of Leiden, Holland but obtained her PhD in Dokuz Eylul University. She became an associate professor in 1995 and a professor in 2001 in the same department. She worked as the head of the department and retired in 2006. After her retirement, she moved to Istanbul. She worked in Hacettepe University and Dokuz Eylul University for twenty seven years. She worked as the head of the Department of English Language and Literature in Beykent University, Istanbul.

During her teaching career, she gave classes on mythology, classical Western literature, writing composition, Western drama, American history and drama, Turkish/English/American novels, textual analysis, creative writing, thesis writing and translation. She presented papers in both national and international conferences and she published her stories in many literature journals.

Her first story, Life on Three Photographs was published in In Vivo in 1990. She published her stories and articles in the journals, Argos, Adam Sanat, Insancıl, Gösteri and Milliyet Sanat. Uslu who indicates her tendency towards structuralism, semiotics and feminism, published her first story book A Passionate Istanbul Trio in 1992 which received Haldun Taner Story Award in the same year. Her second story book Migratory Birds Passed By was published in 1997 and received Orhan Kemal Story Award in 1998. Her third story book Love Prisoner and her novel Meeting Beyond Time which received Inkılap Publishing House Novel Competition award in 2004 were both published in 2005. Her academic works are as follows: They Had Free Black People (1998), The Problematizations of African-Americans in Morrison’s novels (1995), Dreams in American Drama (2006), American Drama, Playwrights, Phases and Movements (2001), Women in 20th Century American Literature (1999), American Drama, A Critical Approach to Women Playwrights (2002), American Drama, Translations From Women Playwrights (2002). In addition to English, she can speak German and Dutch, and she can read Ottoman in Arabic alphabet. She is married and mother of two sons. She is a member of Writers’ Foundation, American Studies Association and PALA (Poetics and Linguistics Association, UK).

In her The Last Dream of White Seagull which was published in 2006, she analyses a variety of subjects from Turkish migrates in Germany to honour killings. She uses a realistic language. She focuses on the subjects such as poverty, old age or wounds of past. One of the most distinguished stories of her The Last Dream of White Seagull is Love Prisoner where she depicts the story of Muhsin Bey whose young age love was impregnated by her boyfriend and forced to commit suicide in order to “clean the honour of her family”. The Last Dream of White Seagull portrays the retirement days of a woman who used to be a pilot. Her novel, Meeting Beyond Time, that was published in the same year, depicts the meeting of professors in an old castle in Austria.

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