Ece Erdoğuş

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Ece Erdoğuş

She was born in 1982. She graduated from Stage Acting department in Faculty of Arts in Yeditepe University. In 1998, she passed the Ferhan Sensoy Picket Theatre exam. She acted in Ortaoyuncular theatre in 2000-2005 and also worked as a co-director. Having written poetry and short stories before, she published her first novel Kolpa in 2009. Kolpa deals with the reality of youth in 2000s and how they lead their lives according to this particular time's conditions. Meaning "fake" in slang, this debut novel tells the story of a generation's attempt at dealing with the artificality in human relations and corruption in society.

Erdogus' secon novel Yok Olma Kılavuzu, which was published in 2011, questions the loneliness of the individual in a global world and continues with the sincere/artifical theme that was also dominant in Kolpa and portrays a powerful existential struggle.

Kolpa 2009, Doğan Kitap
Yok Olma Kılavuzu 2011, Doğan Kitap

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