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ECE TEMELKURAN She was born in İzmir in 1973. Her mother is a painter, Lale Temelkuran and her father is a lawyer, Erol Temelkuran. She graduated from Bornova Anatolian High School in 1991 and the Faculty of Law in Ankara Univrsity in 1995.

She started working as a journalist in the newspaper Cumhuriyet in 1993. She published her first articles in the journal Patika. She made research on and wrote about women’s movement, political prisinors and the problem of South East. She made a research on women’s movement in Germany. Even though she became a lawyer, she did not work in this profession. She continued working as a journalist in the journal Art-Haber and in the channel CNN Türk.

She published her articles on Turkish women’s conditions in the journals in Germany and France. Nawaat, New Left Review, Le Monde Diplomatique, Global Voices Advocacy ve Guardian are among the international journals and newspapers.

In 2003 she went to Brasil to watch World Social Forum and to India in 2004. She made a research on socialist revolution in Venezuella and people’s movement after the financial crisis in Argantina. She published her research on the subject in Milliyet newspaper as a series titled “Buenos Aires’te Son Tango”. She wrote a column titled “Kıyıdan” in Milliyet. Later on she prepared and presented a TV show in the channel Habertürk, titled “Kıyıdan” while writing a column with the same name in the newspaper Habertürk.

She is a member of editorial board of the journal Patika and a founder member of Ankara Jazz Foundation. She is currently writing for Al-Akhbar English. She is married and lives in İstanbul.

She published her first poem in 1990 in the journal Patika. She published essay collections such as Bütün Kadınların Kafası Karışıktır (1996), İç Kitabı (2000), Kıyı Kitabı (2002), Dışarıdan Kıyıdan Konuşmalar (2004) and İçeriden Kıyıdan Konuşmalar (2008). In 2010 she published her first novel Muz Sesleri. She also wrote travel books such as Biz Burada Devrim Yapıyoruz Sinyorita and Ağrı’nın Derinliği (2008).

In 1998, she received Tabipler Odası Research Article Award with her article “Bekaret Suçtur”, Türk Tabipler Birliği Thought and Democracy Award with her book Biz Burada Devrim Yapıyoruz Sinyorita, Ayşe Nur Zarakolu Freedom of Thought Award in 2008. In 2008, she went to Oxford for a year as the guest of European Research Center and Reuters Institute. Her TV show “Kıyıdan” received Halkevleri The Voice of People award in 2011. She received İLAD Communiction Research Award.

Ağrı’nın Derinliği was translated into English as Deep Mountain, Across the TurkishArmenian Divide and Kıyı Kitabı as Book of Edge. Muz Sesleri was translated into Arabic.

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