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Ece Vahapoğlu (b. 1978) She was born in Istanbul in 1978. She graduated from Şişli Terakki High School. She completed the Business Administration program at the American University of Rome in Italy and she did her MA in International Relations in France.

She produced and presented various programs on television, at channels such as ATV, NTV, CNBC-e, SkyTurk and Cine5. She was a columnist and did interviews in Sabah, Takvim and Akşam newspapers. She also contributed to Aktüel, Ekovitrin and Genç Gelişim magazines. She is still preparing and presenting the “Ece’nin Konukları” program, live on Cine5 on weekdays. She also lectures on the “Radio and Television Presenting” at Istanbul Aydın University.

Vahapoğlu has one novel titled Öteki, which deals with the closeness between the two women who has different lifestyles. She also has a variety of books on personal development.

Yabancı Dil Öğrenme Yolları, Alfa
Bugün Zengin Ol, Alfa
Ece’nin VIP Konukları, Alfa
Öteki, Doğan Kitap
60 Günde İdeal Vücut, Artemis Yayınları
60 Tarifte İdeal Mutfak, Artemis Yayınları


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