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EDA KESKİN She was born on 20 November 1983 in Bolu. She completed her primary, middle and high school education in Bollu İzzet Baysal Primary School and Bahçelievler Denem Super High School. She graduated from the Department of Environmental Engineering in Middle East Technical University. She received her MA from the Department of Philosophy in the same department. She is currently a PhD student in the Department of Philosophy in MartinLuther Universitaet Halle-Wittenberg.

She worked as a founding member and editor of the journal Dilim which was published by Language Organization of ODTU Turkish Club. She worked in the journals Lacivert, Yaşayan, Yarın, Nikbinlik and Sanat Cephesi.

She published her poems, short stories, essays and articles in the journals Çğdaş Türk Dili, Cogito, Patika, Akatalpa, Lacivert, Ünlem Sanat, Nikbinlik, Berfin Bahar, Deliler Teknesi, Mor Taka, Dilim, Ekin Sanat, Andız, Sanat Cephesi, Pia, Denizsuyukasesi, rh + Sanat and Onaltıkırkbeş. She is a member of Language Organization and PEN. She published translations. She lives in Ankara.

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