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ELBIS GESARATSYAN She was born in 1830, in Beşiktaş, İstanbul. There is limited information about her life. In 1862-63 she published Gitar, the first Armenian women’s magazine. Gitar, which used the slogan “Invitation to the Armenian Girls”, was only published for seven issues due to financial difficulties. Gesaratsyan wrote articles about the need to educate women and help them join society so that they would do their duties more effectively in their family lives. In the book she published in 1879, Namagani ar Intertsaser Hayuhis (Letters To The Armenian Women Who Are Willing To Educate), she wrote her thoughts about this in letter form. She donated the income from the book to the foundation, Azkanıver Hayuhyats Ingretyun (The Foundation of Natioanlist Armenian Women) in which she may have been a member. She lived in Kadıköy in 1905-07. She possibly died in Alexandria where she stayed in 1911.

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