Fahrünnisa Kadıbeşegil

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Fahrünnisa Kadıbeşegil

Fahrünnisa Kadıbeşgil was born in 1926 in Bura. She graduated from Bursa İvaz Pasa İlkokulu and Bursa Highschool for Girls. In her last year at highschool, she switched to Istanbul Erenkoy Highschool for Girls to study science. She passed the exam to study art at Gazi Egitim Institute but she studied English Philology in Ankara University's Language History and Geography department, instead. While she was studying English, she also took classes from the Theatre department.

She married agricultural engineeer Seyfettin Kadıbeşgil. She had two sons, Ahmet (1942) and Salim (1954) from this marriage. Her husband passed away in 1958.

She was always in touch with painting all her life. In addition to this, she issued a monthly literary journal called Olusum in Ankara. She included new authors in this journal as well as well-known and experienced ones.

Theatre was very important for her. She translated a lot of plays into Turkish. Kadıbeşgil collected short stories, poetry and reviews from English, Hungarian, Polish and Chinese literatures in Kendi Kalemlerinden. Korkak, which she translated from Imre Sarkadi's work in 1974 and Mustafa Kemal'i Anmak which she wrote in 1981 are some of the works published by Oluşum Publishing. She passed away in October 9, 2009 in Izmir.

Mustafa Kemal'i Anlamak
Oluşum’da Cemal Süreya
Yabancı Kalemlerden Seçkiler (Anthology, Review)
Kendi Kalemlerinden Esintiler (Poetry)

Mat, Gülben. “Fahrünnisa Kadıbeşegil ve Oluşum” Uluslararası Multidisipliner Kadın Kongresi, 13-­‐14 Ekim 2009, İzmir.

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