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Faize Özdemirciler She was born in 1964 in Larnaca, Cyprus where she lived for ten years until 1974. After 1974 division of the island, she and her family became refugees in Famagusta. After her secondary education in Cyprus, Özdemirciler studied literature at Istanbul University while finding the time to reach her Ithaca by working on her poetry. She published her poetry and writings in various journals.

In 1993 she was awarded by the Necati Özkan Foundation for Poetry and Essays. In 1999 her book Hüzzam Bozuldu was awarded the Poetry Prize given by Turkish Bank in Cyprus.. During her years in Istanbul Özdemirciler wrote cultural pieces for various magazines and newspapers such as Ortam and Yeni Düzen. Her poems were also published in literature magazines such as Hade. She currently lives in Cyprus where she writes and works for Afrika.

The poet published four books:
Yitik Manzaralar (The Lost Views, 1994),
Hüzzam Bozuldu (Hüzzam is Destroyed, 1998),
Deli Temmuz (Crazy July, 1999)
Her Aşk Doğdugu Yere Benzer (Every Love is like the Place where it was Born, 2000)

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