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Gönül Ayda Pultar Born in 1943 in İstanbul. Attended primary school in Paris and high school in Lahey. Started her university education in University of Belgrade. A graduate of Robert College, with a B.A. in Comparative Literature, she received her doctoral degree in English at Middle East Technical University (1994). After an early career in journalism, she turned to teaching and has taught at Middle East Technical University (1982-1990), Bilkent University (1992-2002) and Boğaziçi University (2004-2005). At Bilkent University, she also served as the founding deputy director of the Center for Turkish Literature (1998-1999), and the coordinator of Bilkent University Seminars in Literature, Society and Culture (2003-2004). Dr. Pultar was a fellow at the Longfellow Institute of Harvard University in 1998.

Dr. Pultar has served as Vice-president of the American Studies Association of Turkey (1994-2000). She was the founding editor of Journal of American Studies of Turkey (1995-1999). Her published works include the monograph Technique and Tradition in Samuel Beckett’s Trilogy of Novels (1996); and the collection of essays On the Road to Baghdad or Traveling Biculturalism: Theorizing a Bicultural Approach to Contemporary World Fiction (2005). She has published in Turkish two novels: “The World is a Merry-go-round” (1979), and “Let Them Drink Water from My Hands,” 1999. She is currently a member of the Editorial Board of The Journal of Popular Culture, and a member of the Advisory Board of MELUS-India (2004-).

Dünya Bir Atlı Karınca (Ok Yayınları, 1979)
Ellerimden Su İçsinler (Bilgi Yayınevi,1999)
Kardeşim Yaralısın: Fakir Baykurt'u Anarken. (İstanbul: Tetragon Yayınları, 2002- with Selim Sünter)
Kardeşliğe Bin Selâm: İlhan Başgöz ile Söyleşi. İstanbul: Tetragon Yayınları, 2003- with Serpil Aygün Cengiz)

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