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GULTEN DAYIOGLU She was born in 1935, in Emet, Kutahya. She received education in various villages and cities in Anatolia. She graduated from Ataturk Girls’ High School in Istanbul. She studied in Law School, Istanbul University. She took examination for external students and became a primary school teacher. After working for fifteen years, she quit her job in 1977. Presently, she focuses on her writing.

Apart from her writing, she travels all over Turkey in order to attend to signature days that are organized by schools, non-governmental organizations etc. where she finds the chance to meet her readers. Her works are reviewed and analysed in various dissertations in various universities in Turkey.

She has written novels, stories, radio and television plays. She has also researched on the education problems of child workers and on the problems of primary school education. Since 1965, she has written for Cumhuriyet and Milliyet newspapers on these issues. She has presented nearly forty papers on education problems and children’s-youth literature in both national and international conferences.

When she was fifteen, she published her first story in a local newspaper of Afyon, in 1950. She published her first book, The Son of the Gardener in 1963. Since then, she has written seventy one books. Her many works have been re-published for various times. These books consist of novels, story books and travel books that have been prepared for children and youth between the age of 7 to 18. She has also written more than twenty radio and television plays that have been broadcasted or are waiting to be.

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