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Gulgeş Deryaspi

Gulgeş Deryaspi was born in December 1, 1978 in Bitlis. She graduated from the town primary school which had only one class for all students from different levels. She has spent most of her life in her birth-town Tatvan and she still lives there.

Deryaspi is the first woman novelist of Kurdish literature. Beginning her writing career at the age of 22, she only wrote plays for the stage in the beginning. Her plays were mostly about either important social events that affected Kurds such Halepce Massacre or gender and violence against women that is common in all societies. After playwriting, she decided to write novels. She had articles for newspapers and a letter for Amargi Women's Academy's, a feminist women's magazine, 18th issue.

She began writing her debut novel in 2002 and it was published in 2010 under the name Tariya Bi Tav (Güneşli Karanlık). Stating that its subject was based on a true story, Deryaspi says that she wrote a novel that shall be considered historical by future generations and her aim was to tell these generations the social ways of living, traditions and religion of the Kurds.

Deryaspi focused on "alienation" in this first novel. She told the story of a Kurdish shepherd who was alienated because of his choices and life by the system and the society; how this shepherd lived through alienation from the system and the society.

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