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HATICE MERYEM She was born in 1968, in Istanbul, and graduated from 9 Eylül University, School of Economics and Administrative Sciences, the Department of Finance. After working as a bank employer, she went to London. From 1996 to 2001, she contributed to the journals, Bull (Öküz) and Animal (Hayvan). In 1999, she attracted attention in the Yaşar Nabi Youth Awards Competition with her Hansel (Siftah) story. Her Hansel (Siftah) was published by Varlık Publishing in 2000. In 2002, her May I Have a Fly-Sized Husband to Watch Over Me was published by Iletisim Publishing House. The novella was put on stage by Ankara National Theatre and was directed by Funda Mete. Adapted as a staged reading, it was also staged by İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality City Theatre as a part of the activities for 8 March Internatioanl Women’s Day, in 2010. In 2008, she published It Takes All Kinds (İnsan Kısım Kısım Yer Damar Damar). Her May I Have a Fly-Sized Husband to Watch Over Me was welcomed in Europe and translated into German. One of her stories was also included in ReBerth, a story collection about the city. Her stories were included in Europe in Women’s Stories (Kadın Öykülerinde Avrupa), a story collection edited by Gültekin Emre and East in Women’s Stories (Kadın Öykülerinde Doğu), a story collection edited by Hande Öğüt. Her The Snake in My Mind (Aklımdaki Yılan), in which she told the stories about motherhood in a humorous tone, was published by İletişim Publishing House in 2010. Recently, she has been working on scripts for tv series and contributing to the feminist publishing house, Ayizi. She is married to humorist Metin Üstündağ.

Translated Works:
In English:
“Aborted City.” Çev. Amy Spangler ve İdil Aydoğan. ReBerth: Stories from Cities on the Edge. Ed. Jim Hinks. Manchester: Comma, 2009.

In German:
Hauptsache ein Ehemann. Çev. Sabine Adatepe. Berlin: Orlanda Frauenverlag, 2010.

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Transcript 32: New Prose Fiction from Turkey. – http://www.transcriptreview.org/en/issue/transcript-32-new-prose-fiction-from-turkey/interviewliteratureis-the-spice-of-life

In other languages
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