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Jülide Gülizar Jülide Gülizar is from Maraş Elbistan from her mother's side and Cretan from her father's. She was born as the eldest of her two siblings in Adana in 1929. She studied middle school in Mersin, highschool in Ankara Highschool for Girls. She went on to study in Law department in Ankara University. She graduated from the law deparment in1956 but did not practice law. She passed the radio programme hosting exam of Ankara Radio. In her poetry and other work, she used the pen name Jülide Gülizar as she didn't want to have to change it after she got married. She didn't use her last time Göksan.

After working at TRT for nearly 30 years, she retired. She lectured in Başkent University's Communication Faculty, created several programmes and prepared interviews for Kanal B. She also was a member on Çağdaş Gzeteciler Derneği directors' board. She passed away in Hacettepe University, Faculty of Medicine Hospital in MArch 14, 2011, after diagnosed with pneumonia.


Haberler Bitti Şimdi Oyun Havaları. Adana: Ümit yayıncılık, 1994.

TRT Meydan Savaşı. Adana: Ümit yayıncılık, 1995.

Where Are You Going Türkçe? Ankara: Sinemis yayınları, 2004.

Ah Baba Ah! Ankara: Sinemis yayınları, 2005.

Yaşam, Sana Teşekkür Ederim. Ankara: Sinemis yayınları, 2006.

Onlar da İnsandı. Ankara: Sinemis yayınları, 2007.

Bir Konu Bir Konuk. Ankara: Sinemis yayınları, 2008.

Burası Türkiye Radyoları. Ankara: Sinemis yayınları, 2008.

TR+Tv=TRT. Ankara: Sinemis yayınları, 2008.

Ben Bilmem Beyim Bilir. Ankara: Sinemis yayınları, 2008.

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