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Jaklin Çelik (b. 1968) She was born in Diyarbakır in 1968 and moved to Istanbul with her family in 1970. The family settled in Kumkapı. She studied at the Surp Mesropyan Armenian primary school and at the Çemberlitaş high school. Then she began to work. The author’s stories, articles and interviews were published in journals such as Öküz, Fesat, Varlık, Haliç Edebiyat, Cumhuriyet, Sky Life, Leaders and Finance World. Working as the editor of press and publishing page in Agos, the Istanbul based Turkish-Armenian paper; she published her articles in her column titled ‘Keman Çalan Balıklar’. With one of her stories, she won honourable mention at the Yaşar Nabi Nayır Short Story contest held by Varlık Publishing in 1999.

Her first autobiographical story book, Kum Saatinde Kumkapı, which is influenced by an oral history study she did in Kumkapı, was published by Aras Publishing in 2000. This book was translated into English as Stories From The Sandgate in 2001. Çelik’s second story book, ‘Yılanın Kitabı’ was published in 2003. Stories in this book focus on humanity’s relationship with land and nature. Öykülerle ABC, which she wrote for children, was published by Adam Publishing in 2004. In Kaçak Yolcu, published by Çitlembik Publishing in 2005, Çelik published her research on the churches in Anatolia. Carrying the traces of the author’s travels to 35 different cities of Anatolia, this book portrays the transformation of the rural lands. Moreover, an anthology of her stories had been translated into Kurdish as Jiyanê Lı Îstasyonê Dest Pê Kır (İstasyonda Başladı Hayat) and published by Lis Publishing in 2007. Çelik’s first novel is Öfkenin Şenliği, which is published by İletişim in 2011. In this novel, the author questions what kind of a function the 1915 events have on the understanding and making sense of one’s self by three different generations.

Kum Saatinde Kumkapı (2000) – Story / /Stories From The Sandgate İstanbul.
Çitlenbik Publishing (2002)
Yılanın Yolu (2003) – Story
Öykülerle ABC - (2004) – Fable
Kaçak Yolcu (2005) – Essay
Jiyanê Lı Îstasyonê Dest Pê Kır (2007) - Story (Kurdish anthology)
Öfkenin Şenliği (2011) - Novel

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