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Jale Baysal (1926-2009) She was born in 1926, in Kayseri. She was one of the first students who acquired a PhD in the Department of Library Science, Faculty of Literature, Istanbul University. She completed her primary and middle school education in Kayseri. She grew up in a family where literacy was given importance due to her father who was an accountant in Kayseri High School and was raised in Turkish institutions for public education and her mother who was a primary school teacher. She graduated from the Department of Turkish Language and Literature in Istanbul University in 1984. Following her graduation, she started to work in Beyazıt Library. She published her first stories in the journal Hareket which was published by the Faculty of Literature. She wrote a play, titled “Boredom” which was performed as a radio play in Ankara Radio, in a program entitled “Radiophonic Plays”. She published some of her stories in the journal Zeytin Dalı which was published by Tarık Buğra who was a student in the same department. She married Tarık Buğra in 1950. This marriage lasted for 18 years and ended due to the couple’s conflicts. Jale Baysal gave birth to her daughter Prof. Dr. Ayşe Buğra, during this marriage.

She was a librarian in the Faculty of Literature, Seminary of Arts History for 11 years. From 1974 to 1994, she was the head of the Department of Library Science, Istanbul University. In 1972 she became an assistant professor; in 1982 she became a professor. After her retirement, she worked as one of the founder members of Women’s Library. She is also one of the founder members of History Foundation. Her play on İbrahim Müteferrika, “Heavenly Sir İbrahim” was published by Cem Publishing House. Her text entitled “Modern Society Morals” was published by ÇYDD. In addition to these, she published many other books and articles.

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