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JALE SANCAK (3 December 1958 - …) She was born on 3 December 1958 in Istanbul. She graduated from Bebek Primary School and Behçet Kemal Çağlar High School. She worked as a secretary, proof-reader, stylist and redactor. Since 1984, she has been working in textiles as a stylist and designer. She is married with children and lives in Istanbul.

Sancak, who is also a painter, began her writing career with a radio play, Lost Voices that was broadcasted in TRT Istanbul Radio in 1985. The poems that she wrote in the 1980s were published in various literature and arts journals. Her radio plays were broadcasted by TRT radios. In 1979 she claimed first prize in a completion of movie scripts. Her story, Murmur Munevver was made into a television movie by TRT. Almost twenty radio plays by her were broadcasted on TRT radios. She prepared programs for private television channels and radios. She worked as a part of the script-writing team of the television series, “The Pearl of the Town”.

In 1998, she prepared the television show Stealing the Fire. She worked as a scriptwriter and advisor for the television series, My Life, My Life. Her first story collection, Tonight in Pera was published by Can Publishing House in 1989. The radio programmes, “Listening to the City” and “From Life To the Stage” that she prepared and presented for Açık Radio in 2001 and 2005, were made into books by Doğan Publishing House. In 2001 her story, Rascal Angel and Little, Unnecessary Disappearance won the second place in Haldun Taner Story Competition. Her Tonight in Pera has been translated to Finnish. A collection of her stories was published in Bulgaria under the title of Selected Stories, and her God City and Lost Songs were published in Germany. She attended to various literature events in Germany as a guest.

She gave classes on creative writing and delivered literature workshops in 19 May Culture Centre, Aralık Foundation, Basad and Turkcell Academy. Presently, she is the president of the Istanbul Galatapera Culture and Arts Foundation and she delivers creative writing, story writing and script-writing workshops and works as an instructor.

In his This Side of Life Muzaffer Buyrukcu comments on her stories as follows: “Jale Sancak’s stories evolve around quiet, motionless grounds. There is no excitement, intrigue, shocking plot or enthusiasm that makes your heart pound. But one can find a rich language in her stories. She presents the details of the heroes’ lives in a rich way. She investigates the chaos in souls and the incidents that triggers such chaos, and tries to multiply the possibilities in the reader’s mind. As they say that the art is the mirror of life, Jale Sancak mirrors the movements in the soul of an individual who is a member of society and reflects all the layers of the subject and depicts the struggles, rise and falls that she observes.”

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