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KERİME NADİR (5 February 1917 – 20 March 1984) She was born on 5 February 1917 as the daughter of Nadir Bey and Zehra Hanim in Istanbul. She graduated from Saint Joseph College in 1935. According to her memoir, The World Of A Novelist, she spent the summers of her childhood in her aunts’ mansions in Beylerbeyi and Camlica (9).

She published her first poems and stories in the journals, Servet-i Fünun-Uyanış and Yarımay in 1935 (Kerime Nadir, 500). Her first published novel was The Green Lights (1937). Her novel, Weeping was published more than thirty times from 1937 to 1984 and made her famous. The writer who is known as “the writer of the popular romance novels” wrote thirty nine novels, one story and a memoir in which she tells her experiences as a writer. Before her novels were published in Inkılap Publishing House which she had an agreement with, they were serialized in newspapers and journals. Since her novels were seen as one of most important elements to increase newspapers’ circulation, there was a competition to serialize Kerime Nadir’s novels between the newspapers. Kerime Nadir narrates many memories about this ongoing competition. One of these memories goes as follows: In 1948, Hurriyet serialized Refik Halit Karay’s Our Life on its first days as a newspaper. After a while Sedat Simavi called Kerima Nadir and said: “Refik Halit’s novel has not been popular. The circulation of the newspaper is decreasing. Can you write something for us immediately? (113) Following this, Kerime Nadir gave The Dream of Love to the newspaper. The novel was advertised with posters and leaflets. The circulation of the newspaper increased more than expected (114). After her popularity increased, she serialized her novels in various newspapers and journals and her name became a brand. She serialized her novels in the newspapers, Akşam, Cumhuriyet, Demokrat İzmir, Hakikat, Halkın Sesi, Hayat, Hürriyet, İstanbul Ekspres, Son Posta, Tan, Tasvir, Tercüman, Vatan, Yedigün, Yeni Gazete,Yeni İstanbul. In 1950, with the offer of the Cumhuriyet newspaper, Messenger Pigeon was published in Cumhuriyet. The novel was translated into French and serialized in République.

“Kerime Nadir adopted two children, but her marriages did not last long.” (Gunay 4). She got cancer and died on 20 March 1984, in Istanbul. In 2001, Doğan Publishing House re-published her books under the series entitled “Invitation To Love”. Selim İleri edited the series. Many of her novels were adapted to movies.

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