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Kevser Ruhi Kevser Ruhi was born in Gönen, Balıkesir. She completed her primary and junior school education in Gönen. Having graduated from the free-boarding high school, Tekirdağ Teachers College, she continued to study French Language and Literature at Hacettepe University. She received her degree in 1984 and enrolled at Istanbul University, Faculty of Law, which she left before completing in 1995 due to personal reasons.

Her first story collection, Kehribar Women (2004) spans from Batum, Georgia to a town south of Marmara after the 12-September coup and comprises of stories that aims at understanding the realities of nature and those of town-life in all their intricate details. The author also elaborates upon the issue of woman. Kehribar Women was awarded the “Jury Special Prize” at the story competition for first books, established in order to commemorate Naci Girginsoy, by Kocaeli Advanced Studies Council. The author's second collection, Saçları Deli Çoruh (2009) comprises of stories on immigration and its difficulties, as well as the dramas resulting from the coups. Similar to her first collection of stories, issues of womanhood are also emphasized in this work.

Before its publication Saçları Deli Çoruh won first place at both the 2009 Reha Mağden Story Competition, which was organised by the Birgün newspaper, and the 2009 Orhan Kemal Story Competition of Çukurova Literature Association. However, the author refused the Reha Mağden Award after having learned that some of the candidate files were not sent to the four of the two members of the jury and doubts were voiced amongst literary circles as to who evaluated the files in the first place. The result of the Orhan Kemal Story Competition was cancelled 40 days after the competition results were announced and 12 days after the award ceremony.

The third collection of the author, Renkli Türkçe Sinemeskop (2011) targets teenagers at the ages of 11-15. Kevser Ruhi works as an editor at Pirosmani magazine, which is published in Turkish and Georgian. She also writes for various other newspapers and journals. Her stories and essays appeared in the following anthologies:

Kadın Öykülerinde Karadeniz (Sel Publishing ‐ 2009)
Kadından Sakıncalı ‐ Sakıncalı Kadın Öyküleri Antolojisi (Şenocak Publishing‐2009)
Japon Şemsiyeleri (Kurgu Publishing ‐ 2010)
Geçmişi Silinen Kentler (Cumhuriyet Books ‐ 2011)
Aynaya Gülerek Bak (Çocuk Vakfı Publishing ‐ 2011)
Kadın Öykülerinde Doğu (Sel Publishing‐ 2011)
Kıyıya Vuran Öyküler (Ürün Publishing ‐ 2011)
Kızlar ve Babaları (Paradigma Publishing ‐ 2011)

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