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Koray Avcı Çakman Born in Samsun, Koray Avcı Çakman graduated from Gazi University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. Having worked as a freelance writer since 2006, Çakman has a children’s novel targeting the 9-12 age range and around 80 story books for various age groups, as well as 145 short stories and tales aimed at preschool children printed as one volume.

Earned honourable mention in 2006 Ömer Seyfettin Story Contest, and second and thirdplace in two different contests with her two adult-oriented stories, Çakman won runner-up prize with the story she wrote in 2010, and finally won the first place in 2011 TUDEM Novel Contest with Almarpa’nın Gizemi. Çakman’s Masal Anne was published as a part of the seven volume of Masal Zamanı Dizisi produced by Erdem Publications. The author is a member of ÇGYD, PEN Writers Association, Association of Literary Writers, Preschool Education Development Association and Contemporary Drama Association. In addition to being a board member of the Children Museums Association, Koray Avcı Çakman is also a freelance drama leader.

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