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Lale Müldür (b. 1956) Lâle Müldür was born in Aydın in 1956. She went to Florence with a poetry scholarship after graduating from high school, Robert College. She received her bachelor’s degree from the Department of Economics at Manchester University and her master’s degree from the Department of the Sociology of Literature at Essex University.

Some of Müldür’s poems, such as “Destina,” composed by Yeni Türkü, were used in films. A selection of her poems was published under the title Water Music in Dublin (Poetry Ireland, 1998). The poems she wrote about the paintings of the French painter Colette Deble, titled Ainsi parle la Fille de pluie (Yağmur Kızı Böyle Diyor) were published by the French Institute. Another selection of her poetry (I Too Went To The Hunt Of A Deer), translated by Donny Smith was published in Turkey in 2008. Müldür, who is known in a Turkish Poetry Anthology published in America, as “a poet who surpassed the crisis that begun in the 80s,” won the 2007 Golden Orange Poetry Prize with Ultra-Zone’da Ultrason. Except her poetry collections, she has a novel titled Bizansiyya published in 2007 and prose works such as Anne, Ben Barbar mıyım? (1998) and Haller Leyla (2006). She also wrote for the Radikal newspaper.

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