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Lale Oraloğlu

She was born in İzmir in September 28, 1924. She moved to Istanbul with her family when she was a baby. She went to school in Dame de Sion, Şişli Terakki, Sainte-Pulchérie Fransız Lisesi, Nişantaşı Ortaokulu, Beşiktaş Atatürk Anadolu Lisesi and Alman Lisesi. She went on to study Law but later transferred to Faculty of Arts and Letters and graduated from English Philology. She studied piano and vocals in Conservatory and graduated from there. She started working as an actress in film industry and later on wrote scripts and directed.

She was featured on the documentary “Yeşilçamın Görünmeyen Kadınları” (Invisible Women in Turkish Cinema) among with the first three Turkish women directors. She wrote the scripts for plays Sevdiğim Sendin (1955), Kırık Çanaklar (1960), Hatırla Sevgilim (1961). She wrote columns for newspapers Akşam, Ekspres and Yeni Sabah in 1951-60 and went to Cannes and Venice film festivals as a journalist. One of the protestors of the goverment in May 27 period, she went on a hunger strike for 16 days because one of her plays were considered inconvenient. She was also a sports enthusiast, she was the Istanbul and Turkey rowing champion in 1951-57 and a 400 metre swimming champion. She was also a women's rowing, swimming and athletics captain. She was a Galatasaray supporter.

After starting working behind the camera, Lale Oraloğlu worked as four films with her production company named after her daugter Alev Film as a script writer, director and producer in 1971-72. "Kırık Çanaklar" which was written by Oraloğlu and directed by Memduh Ün was chosen for Berlin Film Festival. She was the lead actress in most of these movies. Her novel Kızım was published by Hürriyet Publishing in 1976. Telling the story of Suzan who killed her husband in front of her daughter and went on a journey from Istanbul to Sivas, this novel can be considered controversial for its time. That year, she was thrown in prison for six months although she was innocent because she bought a tea set from American Bazaar, which sold imported goods. She is the mother of actress Alev Oraloğlu. She passed away because of celebral hemorrhage at the age of 83 in January 15, 2007.


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