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Leyla Onat (Berkes)

Leyla Onat was born in Izmir in 1942. She graduated from English Language and Literature department in Ankara University. Her poetry was featured in Varlık journal in 1965-68. She studied painting in Paris and opened her first personal exhibition in 1978.

Her essays and translations on art were published in various magazines. She illustrated her own short story collection Mitolojik Öyküler (Özkaynak Publishing). Her debut novel Sorumlu Bulutlar was published in 1992 (Bilgi Yayınevi), her translation Kadın, Cinsellik, Bağımlılık (Ümit Publishing) in 1993.

She was awarded with honorable mention in TOBAV children's play competition and "Ankara'yı Seviyorum" Script Award by Ankara Municipality. She was also awarded with Ministry of Culture Synopsis Award (1993), Script Story Award (1995), honorable mention in TOBAV's 1996 Competition with her play "Gerçekle Oyun". In 1996, she translated 22 books of the "İnsanlık Tarihine ve Bilime Yön Verenler" series into Turkish (Exley Publishing - İlkaynak Publishing).

Sorumlu Bulutlar (roman, Erko, 1992)
Elma Dağı’na Kar Yağmış (roman, Erko, 2005)

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