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Mükerrem Kamil Su

She was born as a daughter of a Rumelian immigrant family in 1906 in Bursa. She graduated from Çapa Girls’ Teachers’ Training School in 1922 and worked as a teacher in various schools. She suceeded in the exam of Gazi Training Institution and was qualified to teach in high schools. She worked as a literature teacher in Balıkesir, Burhaniye and Edremit. She retired from Ankara Girls’ High School in 1957. From 1957 to 1960 she worked as the copy editor of the radio programme, “Children’s Hour” for Ankara Radio. She wrote daily columns for the newspaper Tasvir for a period. Some of her novels were serialized in the newspapers of the time.

Her novels are mostly about love, passion and adventures and she is known as the writer of popular romance novels. Nationalism and duties to the country and familya are also themes that she uses in her novels. Her first marriage was with an agricultural engineer, Sadi Tanaydı and her second marrriage was with a historian, Kamil Su.

She lost her daughter and her son whom she had from her first marriage in 1969 and 1975. She wrote a book with Prof. Dr. Ahmet Mumcu, titled History of Turkish Revolution and Kemalism. She published an autobiographical work, Karakız, in 1977. She wrote children’s boks after 1970s and died in 1977.

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