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Makbule Leman She was born in Istanbul Beşiktaş in 1864. She passed away in Göztepe in 1898 and was buried in Siyavuş Paşa Türbesi in Eyüp. With Nigar Hanım, she is one of the important poets of innovation era. She was the daughter of the head coffee-supplier of the palace İbrahim Efendi. According to some sources, she studied in Rüşdiye and had private tuition. She married Memed Fuad Bey and was the chief writer of women's newspaper Kadınlara Mahsus Gazete. She was awarded with Compassion Medal by II. Abdülhamid. She spent the last four years of her life bedstricken suffering from a incurable terminal illness. She wrote essays and short stories. Twelve of her poems were published when she was alive. These were collected in a collection called Makes-i Hayal (1896) without any distinciton in genre. This collection was re-published posthumously by her husband with writings on Makbule Leman.

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