Meltem Arıkan

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Meltem Arıkan

Born in Ankara on 7 January 1968. She achieved popularity in late 1990s with her novels but she has also published short stories, dramas, and articles in periodicals. She writes a column in Kazete, a newspaper for women, prepared by women.

In 1999 Arıkan published her first novel Ve… Veya… Belki…, in 2000 the second novel followed Evet… Ama… Sanki…, and in 2002 the third, Kadın Bedenini Soyarsa. Her 2003 novel Yeter Tenimi Acıtmayın is banned in 2004. An edition was published censored but in two months the ban was lifted. In 2004 Arıkan was awarded “Freedom of Thought ans Speech Award” by the Publishers’ Union. In 2005, Arıkan published her fifth novel Zaten Yoksunuz… and in 2006 her sixth novel Umut Lanettir. In 2007 she started her column in Kazete and also wrote a stage drama “Oyunu Bozuyorum”, which is staged in Garajistanbul during the 2007-2008 season.

In 2008 she published her first non-fiction book Beden Biliyor, and a year later her seventh novel Özlemin Beni Savuran appeared in print. She worked as the dramaturg for “Paralel”, a drama staged by Garajistanbul in Linz in the framework of the 2009 Linz European Culture Capital program. Arıkan’a works have a Jungian look at men and women, each serving as a mirror for the other. Since 1986, Arıkan is a member of the administrative board of Enersis ve Elektrosis A.Ş. Since 2003 she is also the chair of the board of EEM Design/Consulting, which she founded.

Ve… Veya… Belki…, Everest Yayınları, 1999.
Evet… Ama… Sanki… , İmge Kitabevi Yayınları, 2000.
Kadın Bedenini Soyarsa, Everest Yayınları, 2002.
Yeter Tenimi Acıtmayın, Everest Yayınları, 2003.
Zaten Yoksunuz…, Everest Yayınları, 2005.
Umut Lanettir, Everest Yayınları, 2006.
Beden Biliyor, Destek Yayınları, 2008.
Özlemin Beni Savuran, Doğan Kitapçılık, 2009.

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