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Mualla Anıl (1909-1985)

Writer, composer. Mualla Anıl was born in Edirne. She graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Language, History and Geography. She worked as a physical education teacher at Ankara Music Teaching School (State Conservatory). She also worked as a literature teacher at Ankara Girls’ High School, İstanbul Kadıköy and Çamlıca High Schools and Ankara Cumhuriyet High School. While working as a teacher at İzmir Girls’ High School, she was met Mustafa Kemal. She indicated that women can play zeibek by performing it with Selim Sırrı Tarcan during Atatürk’s visit. She wrote for Yeni İstanbul Newspaper. She also wrote under the pseudonym, Mualla Karakazan. She worked as a chairman at Kadınlar Birliği between 1949-1951 and also worked as chairman at Türk Kültür Ocakları from 1953 onwards. She studied and worked public education in England between 1955-1957. She was known for her compositions. She died on the 23th of October, 1985.

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