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Nevra Bucak

She was born in İstanbul in 1952. Having acquired a passion for opera during her Kadıköy Girls’ College years, she entered the Vocal Department of the Istanbul Municipal Conservatory. She studied singing for 6 years. Her stories, interviews and book reviews were published in various literature and art magazines, such as Varlık, Türk Dili, Cumhuriyet Kitap, Milliyet Sanat, Adam Öykü, Berfin Bahar, İnsancıl, Roman Kahramanları, Eşik and Kıyı.

She wrote her first novel, “İSPANYA SEMALARI” when she was fifteen. Her subsequent novels respectively are “ISSIZ KADINLAR”, “AŞKIN KUTUPLARI”, “MEVSİMLER FARKLIDIR, ” which depict the world of women. She also wrote a science fiction novel, “SON GÜNEŞİN ÇOCUKLARI,” about the bitter memory of the Gulf War later on. “BEYOĞLU’NUN ESKİ USTALARI” is the fictionalised version of a series of interviews done in a year and a half. The author is awarded the Yunus Nadi Short Story Prize in 1995 with this work.

Bucak also penned children’s literature on topics such as peace, love and environmental issues: “KIZIN ADI CANDAN”, UZAYLI KIZ TİRA”, “KEREM İLE ASLI” (adaptation). A utopian novel “KULE” was published by Cumhuriyet Publications in 1999. In 2007, her historical novel “NESLİŞAH” was published by AYA KİTAP, and in 2010 the documentary book “ÇİFTE HAVUZLAR,” portraying the district she once lived, was published by the Heyemola Publications. Her “BEYOĞLU‘NUN ESKİ USTALARI” was reprinted in 2011. Her last novels “GİZ YOLCULUKLARI” and “KADINLARIN ŞARKISI” were also published by AYA KİTAP in 2011.

Nevra Bucak is a member of Turkish Writers’ Union (Member of Administrative Board, 1995- 96 & 2000-2001), Pen Writers Association, Authors Association and Children’s Publications Asssociation.


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