Nurhayat Bezgin

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Nurhayat Bezgin

Nurhayat Bezgin is a short story writer who was born in Ankara. She studied at the department of Civil Service at Ankara University, Faculty of Political Sciences, between the years 1971-1975. Her first short-story book Karanlıkta Kaybolmayan was published by Ürün Publishing in 2007. The story titled Pera in this book was included in Sonu Mutlu Biten İşçi Öyküleri, prepared by Tuncer Uçarol in 2009. In 2008, “Sorsana Beni “ was given place in the short story collection Kadın Öykülerinde Ankara which was compiled by Efnan Dervişoğlu for Sel Publishing. Another story of hers “Güzelim Memleketlim” was included in Kadın Öykülerinde Avrupa from the same series, which is edited by Gültekin Emre in 2010. She was invited to many organizations such as 14 February World Short Story Day activities. She is a member of the Literary Writers Association based in Ankara.

Works: Karanlıkta Kaybolmayan – Ürün Publishing, 2007. “Pera,” Sonu Mutlu Biten İşçi Öyküleri – Genel-İş Sendikası Publishing, 2009. “Sorsana Beni,” Kadın Öykülerinde Ankara – Sel Publishing, 2008. “Güzelim Memleketlim,” Kadın Öykülerinde Avrupa – Sel Publishing, 2010.

Bibliography: Mülkiyeliler Birliği Website - Sel Publishing Website - Genel-İş Sendikası Website - Edebiyatçılar Derneği Website -

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