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Pakize Başaran (b. 1925)

Pakize Başaran is the daughter of a Muslim-Bosnian family of Turkish origin, which came from Sarajevo and settled in Turkey. She was born in Bandırma, in 1925. Having arrived in Istanbul with her mother and two siblings when her father died at a young age, she began working in Istanbul 2nd Notary in Sirkeci after high school. She worked for thirty seven years as the notary’s clerk and head clerk, where she met people of letters. As her poetry was appreciated, she was directed to write stories and novels. Tarık Mümtaz Göztepe serialized her writing in a weekly paper and thus, Başaran entered the world of letters. Her first published story was ‘Hacı Nine’. It appeared in a newspaper, titled ‘Yeni Sabah’ in 1948. In 1953, her first radio play was broadcasted on ‘Istanbul Radyosu’.

Pakize Başaran is one of the women writers who made a name for herself in the world of letters with romances. Cem Karaca composed her poem ‘Unut Beni’ into music. Her fourteen books, twelve of which were novels, were published by this time. Many of her serialized novels are still waiting to be published. In her last novel ‘Ben Yaşarken’ she depicts some significant events, which Turkey witnessed in recent history, such as World War Two, the one party era, DP’s arrival in power in the 1950s and the coup of 27th May 1960. Portraying the coup period, in which she and her husband, like many others, were questioned at Istanbul Police Directorate because of a false denouncement, she shares a time of fear and worry. There are also testimonies of authors such as Orhan Kemal, Fazıl Hüsnü Dağlarca, Esat Mahmut Karakurt, Yahya Kemal and Çetin Altan in the same book. She is the mother of the director Tunç Başaran and Meriç Başaran and she is going on for her eighties in these days. Currently, she writes short, rhymed poems with the encouragement of her advertiser grandchild and there are about 9300 of them. She has more than forty works which are adapted into plays for Turkish and Cypriot radios.

Works: Ben Yaşarken 27 Mayıs 1960 ve Öncesi Simurg 2008 Tekinsizler... İtimat 1977 Günahkar Adam Yeni Türk Eli yayınları 1973 Fırtınanın Oğlu(serialized novel) Büyükler Küçükler ve Köpekler Ak Basın yayınevi 1972 Sonbaharımda Bahar Yeni Türk Eli Yayınları 1970 (poem) Devenin öcü İtimat 1969 Aşk Acıları Anadolu Matbaası 1964 Şaka bitti Ekin Basımevi 1960 Mechule Giden Yol Ekin yayınevi 1958Gelincik Tarlası (serialized novel) Yarım Kahkaha (serialized novel) Döner koltuk (thriller) İtimat 1967 Seni Yalnız Seni 1963 Köye Dönen Yosma İnkılap, 1955 Sahte Gelin İnkılap 1953, Benim Doktorum İnkılap 1951 (serialized in the newspaper, Son Havadis)

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