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Sabahat Emir

She was born in Kula, Manisa. Her mother was Şerife Hanım and her father was a merchant, Ahmet Emir. She graduated from Istanbul Girls’ High School and the Department of Turkish Language and Literature at Istanbul University (1966). She worked as a teacher, an assistant manager at the National Education Printing House, and a manager of Istanbul Collection of Printed Texts and Paintings (1974-1980). She also worked as an instructor at Istanbul Technical University, Turkish Music Conservatory, from where she retired in 1998. Along with her many published short stories, novels, and her other works, she wrote the scripts for several popular TV series such as “Gönül Dostları,” “Aile Bağları” and “Güleryüz Ailesi.”

It is said that her language and composition books “filled an important gap in Turkey” and these books have become the most reliable source books in 1970s and 1980s. She was one of the names that literature teachers knew and respected greatly and she was one of the first literature graduates who wrote scripts for Turkish TV series (Mehmet Nuri Yıldırım). She started writing poems and plays when she was a student at high school. She became known with her short stories that were published in journals such as Hisar, Varlık, Türk Dili and Çağrı. In her stories “the perspective of a modern women on the world and the society, in which she lives and on herself” can be observed (Kurdakul). Her novel The Confessions of an Unborn Child was serialised in the newspaper, Günaydın. She founded Emir Publishing House and published text books for middle schools.

With Geceyle Gelen she received the 1977 Turkish National Culture Foundation Jury Special Award and with Cenupta Türkmen Oymakları she received the 1979 Turjish National Culture Foundation Simplification Award Milli Kültür Vakfı Sadeleştirme Award. She is a member of Writers of Theatre and Television Foundation. She currently lives in Istanbul.


Short Story Collections:

  • Ceviz Oynamaya Geldim Odana (1964)
  • Öküz Kafalı Şaban Bey Destanı(1969)
  • Geceyle Gelen (1977)
  • Zamane (1981)
  • Bir Sepet Kiraz (1989)
  • Sevginin Adı Kadriye (2008)


  • Sancılı Bir Gün (1981)

Children's Literature:

  • Ağlayan Soytarı (1978)
  • Keloğlan Uzayda (1980)


  • Türk Piyeslerinden Derlenen Türk Halk Deyimleri (1968)
  • Büyük Eserler (1971)
  • Mektup Yazma Sanatı (1974)


  • Ünlü Yazarlardan Seçme Hikâyeler (1975)
  • Ünlü Yazarlardan Seçme Denemeler (1975)


  • Cenupta Türkmen Oymakları, 2 vol., (A. R. Yalgın) (1977)


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