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Suzan Samancı (20 September 1962-…)

She was born on 20 September 1962 in Diyarbakır. She graduated from Diyarbakır High School in 1979. She worked as a columnist in the newspapers Demokrasi, Gündem, Özgür Politika and Taraf. She has two children and lives in Diyarbakır and Genova.

She published her first poems in the journal Sanat Olayı in 1985. With her short story collection, Snow Settled on the Moor Mountains (1996) she received second prize in Orhan Kemal Short Story Competition in 1997. Helin was Smelling like Resin has been translated into German, Flemish, Spanish, Italian and Swedish; Snow Settled on the Moor Mountains has been translated into German. Also, Helin was Smelling like Resin has been published in Kurdish by Avesta Yayınevi as Bajarê Mırınê (The City of Death) and In the Shadow of the Quiet was published in Kurdish as Siya Bêdengiyê by Aram Publishing. Her short story “Haunted City” was among the twenty five works that were chosen in a competition by DeutcheWelle Radio and it has been published in German and Turkish. Her short story, “Two Mothers” has been translated into English and published in International PEN. Also, many of her short stories have been translated into English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic and Sorani.

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