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Tansu Bele

Filiz Tansu (Belentepe) was born in 1944. She is the daughter of Hikmet Hanım and officer Halil Tansu. Her grandfather, Sami Karayel was a journalist and a writer. She completed her primary and middle school education in İstanbul (1964); she graduated from the Department of Philosophy, at Istanbul University (1972). She published her MA thesis, entitled “Women’s Identities in the Works of Male Writers in the Republican Period,” which she wrote at the Women’s Issues Research and Practice Centre of Istanbul University (1998). She worked as an editor at the magazines, Yazarlar Dünyası and Bilim ve Ütopya.

Her first poem, “Night” was published in the literature supplement of the Kırşehir newspaper, Filiz in 1962, her first essay, “The Rose Tree of the Real Garden,” and her first short story, “Oh My Lonely İstanbul Womanhood” were published in the journal Sanat Olayı in 1984. She published her short stories, poems and articles in journals such as Varlık, Kıyı, Karşı, Türk Dili, Gösteri and Milliyet Sanat, as well as the Cumhuriyet newspaper and its literature supplement. She also wrote children’s books.

Her research interests include the subjects of consciousness of urban life, unfavourable results of the increase in concrete constructions in the cities and the cultural history of Istanbul. She produced in various genres and on a diverse range of subjects. She focused on the subject of women’s positions as intellectuals and writers and researched into these subjects. She published a book on the early works of Halide Edip Adıvar, highlighting Adıvar’s characteristics of being “a unique Turkish intellectual/ a Turkish intellectual woman/ woman writer”. Bele noted that it is important that Adıvar’s early works employ the theme of love within the context of social changes.

She is a member of Turkish Writers’ Union, PEN Writers’ Centre and Writers’ Foundation. She lives in Istanbul; she has one child.


Short Story Collections:

  • Ah Benim Bir Başıma İstanbul Kadınlığım (1990)
  • Ay Geceye Yalnız Doğar (1993)
  • Bir Yaz Boyu Akçay’da (1997)
  • Yazdan Kalan (1999)


  • Mişko (1998)
  • Gerçeğin Şarkısı (2003)

Children's Books:

  • Bircan’ın Günlüğü (1995)
  • Dilmun’un Akıllı Kedileri (2011)


  • Erkek Yazınında Kadın (1998)
  • Bana Işığı Anlat (2000)
  • Sarıyer ve Büyükdere (2010)
  • Halide Edip Adıvar: İlk Dönem Yapıtları: Cumhuriyet Döneminde Bir Kadın (2010)

Collection of Essays:

  • Kadın-Yazın-Siyasa (2001)
  • Ağır Dünya (2003)


  • "Bele, Tansu", Tanzimattan Bugüne Edebiyatçılar Ansiklopedisi, Istanbul: YKY, 2010.
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