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Yasemin Yazıcı (Pekşen)

She was born in 1957, in Izmir. She completed her primary and middle school education in the same city. Her first pieces were published in the newspaper, Demokrat İzmir. She worked at the arts service of the newspaper Cumhuriyet and in literature and arts journals such as Yazko-Somut and Sanat Olayı. After studying French Language and Literature at Istanbul University for a period, she transferred to cinema. She worked as a co-director, producer and scriptwriter in national and semi-international movie productions. After publishing her first novel, Kaybolan Kasaba in 1990, she concentrated on her literary works.

She published her short stories, articles and travel writing in the newspaper Cumhuriyet along with its supplements, in the journals Adam Öykü, E, Eski, İmge Öyküler, Eşik Cini, Kitaplık and Notos. Her short stories were published in anthologies such as Erotik Öyküler, İstanbul Öyküleri, Sakıncalı Öyküler and Son Otobüs. She was also on the editorial board of Kadın Öykülerinde İzmir.



  • Kaybolan Kasaba (1990)
  • Saklambaç Oynuyorduk Zamanla (1998)
  • Vampir Tangosu (2004)

Story Collection:

  • Tırtıl Yağmuru (2008)
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