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Yazgülü Aldoğan

She was born on 30 December in Kuşadası. She moved to Istanbul when she was three. She studied at Notre Dame de Sion and Üsküdar Girls High School. She continued her education at Ankara University's Faculty of Political Sciences, Press and Broadcasting programme. She began her journalism career at ANKA Agency and went on to do her PhD at the Political Sciences Faculty. One year later she left for Paris and completed her PhD at the Sorbonne in communications sociology.

After she returned, Turkey she worked as a lecturer at the Political Sciences Faculty for 4,5 years. She was removed from her assistant professorship position with the YÖK regulations. She moved to Istanbul and published the Nokta journal at Gelişim Publishers. Afterwards, she worked as the Istanbul head of news of Yeni Asır, news coordinator of Yeni Gündem journal, freelance writer of Hürriyet and Sabah newspapers, and Kanal D news manager. When Murat Karayalçın was the deputy to the prime minister, she was his media and politics consultant. She began her column at the newspaper Günaydın. She has been writing her column at the Posta newspaper for 10 years.

Aldoğan taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses at Istanbul, Anadolu, Galatasaray and Kültür universities. She is currently teaching "Media Research" at Yeni Yüzyıl University. She made the television programmes “İşte İnsanlar” and "Medya Medya" at TRT and BRT. She worked two years at SKYTURK, producing and hosting the educational programme "Cevap Anahtarı." She anchored news programmes at various radio stations. She has a 20-year old son.

Yazgülü Aldoğan’s first novel Kiralık Adam, which was published in 2009, is about love and sexuality, pride and obstinacy, to leave and to stay and quarrels between a couple.


  • Kiralık Adam (2009)


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