Zeynünnisa Zeynep

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Zeynünnisa Zeynep

One of the poets living in the period of Mehmet the Conqueror, she was Kadı Kara Belayi Mehmet Çelebi’s daughter. Her father taught her Arabic and Persian at home and allowed her to take music lessons. Having gained a reputation with her Turkish and Persian poems, she wrote some Ottoman poetry (divan) for Mehmet the Conqueror. The Sultan lavished attention and gifts on her. Having stayed along with Prince Ahmet (son of Sultan Bayezid), she befriended Mihri Hanım and corresponded with her. Zeynep Hatun got married to İshak Fehmi Efendi, who was one of Amasya’s judges and she stopped writing poetry. In his collection of biographies, Latifi said about Zeynep Hanım that:

"She was a fortunate daughter of an artistic man from the Kastamonu region. She was highly talented, and as such, a unique, invaluable, sinless, virgin girl and an example of chastity. She was a very famous person, which was rare among women. Her great talents used to amaze the people of the world and the notable masters of the universe. Her father noticed her capabilities and comprehension skills and enabled her to improve herself in all sorts of subjects and science. Additionally, after having developed her skills through the readings of Persian divans and Arabic odes, she gained sufficient ingeniousness to write Persian and Turkish poems, composing divans for Sultan Mehmet with the help of her talents as befits the saying “When significations are gathered, being a poet is easy.”"

She died in 1474.


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